Dell EMC High-End Storage Presents at Tech Field Day 16

Recently, I had the great pleasure of being invited to participate in Tech Field Day 16 in Austin, Texas. For those not familiar, TFD16 is an industry event that brings together innovative IT providers with independent analysts and thought leaders to share information and opinions. It was fun event and a great experience to meet, work, and discuss cool technology with a well informed audience of IT pro’s. I left with several key take-aways from the discussions, a major one is that “words matter”.


Words matter because in an industry where technology quickly evolves, new market categories develop and shift, and IT providers come and go, how we describe things is really important. This was a point made repeatedly from the delegates in the audience. The point was that while wrapping your product around the latest cool buzz words may help get you noticed in a crowded IT landscape, and doesn’t change your product or its core strengths.

During my session, we talked about high end storage and how it’s evolved over the last 3 decades. It was a fun walk down memory lane for most, several who’s first jobs in IT involved working with early generations of the technology. For those who had, the good news was they didn’t have to learn anything new. The bad news was they had to unlearn everything they already knew because today’s VMAX is not their father’s Symmetrix.

The move to All Flash combined with the simplicity and automation of VMAX continue to keep it well within the core of many IT shops. From an admin perspective, however,  much has changed.  With All Flash there’s little to no more performance tuning or troubleshooting. Simple administration and set up is completed without any deep skills required. All while happy users continue to rely and expect everything to just “work”.

Describing recent feedback from many users, I explained they tell us the VMAX has become “boring”.  Users still see VMAX as very cool technology packed with tons of innovation, but compared to older generations, there’s not much to do anymore other than power it up and let it run. The analysts felt that was a cool way to describe the VMAX. It’s boring because it works. And that’s why user continue to rely on the technology. While being called boring is not as hip as block chains or bit coins, it’s a good description because “words matter”.

You can watch the complete presentation here.

Spoiler alert: Not only will you hear why boring is cool, your learn other things like; How VMAX NDU is unique in the industry and how it works. Why users rely on SRDF to protect the world’s most critical applications and the story behind how it got its name. And finally the real story of why @SFoskett had to quit his job scripting SymmCLI and founded @GestaltIT


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