Scott Delandy is Technology Director with Dell EMC’s Storage Division and works with many of the world’s most advanced mission critical computing environments. He has been with EMC/Dell for 29 years working on a range of technologies including storage infrastructure, disaster recovery, cloud computing, virtualization, next gen apps and containers. He is a frequent speaker at industry and technology conferences and is an active participant in several user group communities.

In his current role as director of technology, he is responsible for working with users and partners to develop and execute IT modernization initiatives. He also works with engineering and product management teams to advocate and align product strategy and technology road maps to user requirements.

Previous roles included technical field support, product marketing, product management, and market and technology analysis. He also developed and managed the Engineering Leadership Development Program for the the Dell EMC storage division to recruit, develop and place high potential college graduates. Scott is also a active member of the Dell EMC social media community, blogger, tweeter, Dell TV correspondent. And he is SPEED certified, because he’s a geek. 🙂

twitter: @scottdelandy
blog: https://mybitstream.me/
email: scott.delandy@gmail.com
snapchat: scottdelandy

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