Inside Dell’s Next Generation PowerMax

On July 19th 2022, Dell Technologies officially began shipping the next-generation PowerMax, the world’s most secure mission-critical storage platform, based on the PowerMaxOS 10 release. This release delivers over 200 new software features with industry-leading storage automation and advanced cyber resiliency to help IT organizations accelerate their digital transformation.

Introducing Dell Container Storage Modules

Almost all IT organizations will have containerized apps deployed along side traditional apps within the next few years. Many of these new apps will support critical business operations and require the same service levels as traditional apps. While APIs exist to connect containerized apps into enterprise class infrastructure, IT organizations need to build and support environments that can be fully automated and easily scaled. Dell’s Container Storage Modules (CSM) provide software modules that extend the capabilities of the CSI plugin to meet these requirements. Leveraging CSM allows enterprise storage data services to be exposed and consumed by new containerized apps. CSM with Dell infrastructure solutions provides an effective strategy to support enterprise class containerized app deployments.

Introducing Dell’s SmartFabric Storage Services for NVMe over IP

Storage based IP networks leveraging the NVMe protocol can provide a cost effective, high performance connectivity alternative to traditional Fibre Channel SANs. While ecosystem support, such as VMware, is maturing, the tools required to set up and manage NVMe based networks lack the automation and integration compared to Fibre Channel. Providing admins with similar IP based automation tools is a key requirement to drive adoption and simplify management at scale. The introduction of Dell’s Smart Fabric Storage Services (SFSS) addresses these challenges. Deploying storage with NVMe over IP using SFSS provides the necessary automation to significantly simplify and standardize the management these deployments. Leveraging SFSS will help accelerate adoption of this new technology and maximize IT’s ability to leverage the cost and performance benefits of NMVe over IP.

Cyber Security for Mainframe Using Secure Snapshots to Create an Air Gap

Mainframe computing continues to run the world’s most mission critical environments. While considered highly secure, mainframe apps can be attractive targets for cyber threats. IT organizations are deploying “air gap” solutions via vaulting to better secure their Mainframes and enable fast recoveries if an app is compromised. Dell’s Cyber Resiliency for Mainframes deliver advanced virtual and physical vaulting solutions. Implementing Dell’s air gap solutions has proven to be successful for many clients in securing their Mainframes.

Introducing “One Stop Shop” for API’s via the Dell Developer Portal

Prioritizing outcomes versus the steps to achieve the outcomes is big for almost every IT organization. Cobbling together storage, server, network, and backup platforms to automate management to make it simple, is a complex process. Providing a consistent API experience across technologies significantly simplifies infrastructure integration and automation. Dell’s Developer Portal provides a “one stop shop” to access API’s from across the portfolio in an easily consumable, consistent user experience. Users and developers can now easily find and access the tools to automate Dell infrastructure to make achieving their desired outcomes simple

Introducing Cybersecurity for CloudIQ

Cybersecurity is a top of mind concern for every IT organization. Recent events show how cyber threats are not only persistent but constantly evolve. IT teams are challenged to react to these threats and be proactive in minimizing their security risks and vulnerabilities. Doing this effectively at scale requires security to be built in and automated as much as possible. New cybersecurity intelligence now included with CloudIQ to detect, report, and remediate infrastructure security vulnerabilities provide new levels of visibility into potential threats. Leveraging CloudIQ with Cybersecurity helps IT teams better protect their users, organizations, and customers.

PowerMax Powers Up!

It’s big week for Dell and the storage team. It marks the completion of a lot of hard work by the engineering and development teams to introduce the latest PowerMax release. A lot has changed since the original introduction of Symmetrix. But one thing has remained constant. IT organizations continue to trust this platform to support their most mission critical environments.

Running High Value Workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation

Not all virtualized workloads are created equally. Deploying high value workloads with large capacities, high I/O requirements, and high availability services can be a challenge. Leveraging Dell EMC Enterprise Storage for these critical apps continues to be an extremely valuable and efficient cloud deployment model. Check out this video to see how integrating PowerMax with vRO … Continue reading Running High Value Workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation

Happy Holidays from PowerMax!

We are getting close to the holidays, and I bet you'd be surprised to learn how much we all rely on PowerMax to make sure it’s filled with joy and cheer for everyone. Our engineering and support teams located across the world take their holiday responsibilities very seriously. Here’s how The PowerMax Holiday Command Center actively monitors progress across our customers. Let’s check in and get the latest status.