PowerMax Powers Up!

It’s big week for Dell and the storage team. It marks the completion of a lot of hard work by the engineering and development teams to introduce the latest PowerMax release. A lot has changed since the original introduction of Symmetrix. But one thing has remained constant. IT organizations continue to trust this platform to support their most mission critical environments.

Running High Value Workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation

Not all virtualized workloads are created equally. Deploying high value workloads with large capacities, high I/O requirements, and high availability services can be a challenge. Leveraging Dell EMC Enterprise Storage for these critical apps continues to be an extremely valuable and efficient cloud deployment model. Check out this video to see how integrating PowerMax with vRO … Continue reading Running High Value Workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation

Happy Holidays from PowerMax!

We are getting close to the holidays, and I bet you'd be surprised to learn how much we all rely on PowerMax to make sure it’s filled with joy and cheer for everyone. Our engineering and support teams located across the world take their holiday responsibilities very seriously. Here’s how The PowerMax Holiday Command Center actively monitors progress across our customers. Let’s check in and get the latest status.

Technology for Today and Tomorrow

In this industry first technology preview, we showcase PowerMax running NVMeoF and Storage Class Memory. The combination provides game changing performance levels across virtualized environments. With it, users can tackle their most demanding and mission-critical applications of today and tomorrow. And with PowerMax, they can do it before and better than anyone else.

Meet the PowerUsers of PowerMax

Here's your chance to hear directly from users about PowerMax.

In this panel discussion, we talk to some the folks who had "hands on" early access to the new platforms and software. We get the inside scoop about their experiences and their thoughts on new technologies like NVMe and Storage Class Memory.

Tech Confessions with @CommsNinja

Here's my #TechConfession with host/diva @CommsNinja confessing my software defined moment.

During my therapy session, Amy and I analyzed market shifts, user adoption, and common software defined use cases. 

For most IT organizations, when it comes traditional vs software defined infrastructure, the treatment is very much an "AND" and not an "OR".