Powering up with Dell at Storage Field Day 24

Storage Field Day is a highly anticipated event to meet and network with a select group of independent tech influencers and thought leaders. It’s always a great opportunity to have an open exchange on what’s happening within the storage industry with an experienced audience representing a wide range of perspectives. This year’s event was no different, with Dell taking center stage discussing how to deliver a continuously modern storage experience. This session included an update on the storage portfolio and strategy as well as a deep dive geek-out on what’s new and cool.

Tales from The Field – What Does Your Next Gen Data Center Look Like?

One of the very cool parts of this gig is getting to spend lots of time talking to smart IT folks. Many of them are the actual practitioners of technology and it’s great to get real world insight into what’s happening in their world. While it’s critically important to make sure apps are up, users are happy, and the business is being supported, there’s always the need to pay attention to the future.

Webinar Replay: Top Ways Your All-Flash Array Can Save the Day

Are you confident that your All-Flash Array is designed for resiliency and availability? Want to find out more about how implementing Flash Arrays improves service levels and lowers TCO for your business critical applications such as Oracle, SAP and VMware? To learn more, check out my latest webinar where we dive into the coolness of … Continue reading Webinar Replay: Top Ways Your All-Flash Array Can Save the Day

Big Iron – You Rely On It Every Day.

No question, the trend to modernize infrastructure is top of mind across all IT organizations. Discussions include strategies around deploying cool technologies like flash for all primary storage. Scale out systems that can get big and small. Converged platforms to speed deployments. And pretty much software defined everything to support a growing subset of workloads. And while a lot of this technology is applied to new apps running in cool and hip virtualized environments, there’s still a very healthy demand to apply those capabilities to those super important traditional apps running in physical environments. Which includes major efforts to modernize the Mainframe.