Up Close and Personal with White Lightning

Here’s one of the newest episodes from Season 2 of the Geek Pit.  In this segment, I join Matt Dunfee to take a guided tour through the new VMAX All Flash.

With a live running VMAX All Flash on set, we to dig in deep and discuss the details on how flash drives are impacting the overall industry, and how they’ve changed the go-to-market with the new VMAX. Key themes include simplicity, efficient and dense packaging, and new and modern business models for how software functionality is deployed and consumed.

We also pull apart the v-Bricks and flash drive enclosures to show how users can start small and scale up to easily meet growth requirements.  We also pull out the crystal ball and look ahead to some of the upcoming new features, like a super advanced high performance, hardware based inline compression.

So it’s “White Lightning” time, sit back and join us as we take a peek inside and find out what’s new with VMAX All Flash.

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