Why Compression for VMAX All Flash? Because it works.

Many times when a significant new feature is introduced, users look to validate that the capability works as advertised before implementing it into their app environments.

So as compression for VMAX All Flash was rolled out last year, users wanted to know what the impact would be on their workloads.  Would they get consistent, predictable performance and low latency? Would they see the expected space savings benefits? Would it require additional complexity to sizing and configuring a system? And are there any unexpected problems being seen as the feature is rolled out.

So after several months since the availability of compression, the smart folks in engineering have been working closely with customers to measure the results. They have sampled 100’s of systems and looked at thousands of workloads running in production.  And the data and feedback coming back from users is pretty simple: It works.

To learn more, check out this cool video with Dave Fedorowich, from VMAX performance engineering, as we discuss VMAX compression adoption and more specifically, the typical results users are seeing when implementing compression.

Bottom line – VMAX compression works GREAT and users are seeing significant benefits!

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