Guarantees in Life: Death, Taxes, and 4:1 Space efficiency with Dell EMC All Flash

Ben Franklin.jpgOne of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous quotes is “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” And while these basic truths do not inspire the most hope or optimism for civilized society, there is a new certainty that has IT folk’s enthusiastic for a better way to meet their growing storage requirements: The 4 to 1 Space Efficiency Guarantee included with all Dell EMC All Flash Arrays.

Time to Flash Forward

Flash adoption has increased dramatically since Dell EMC first introduced the technology into the enterprise almost ten years ago.  What started off as a highly performant, albeit expensive, storage option for IOP and latency sensitive apps has now become mainstream for modern storage needs.  We have seen the technologies shift from SLC to MLC and now TLC (stay tuned for what’s next J); capacities have increased and costs have come down dramatically. In addition, the arrays themselves have become more efficient -using less space. Thin provisioning, snaps and compression are all “meets minimum requirements” options for implementing an array.  Dell EMC is so confident in our ability to dramatically reduce space requirements, we are taking out the risks for users and guaranteeing 4 to 1 space efficiency across the board.

The Rules, Short and Sweet

Here are the details. The program provides users with a single Storage Efficiency Guarantee across all Dell EMC All Flash Arrays, including XtremIO, VMAX All-Flash, Unity All-Flash, and SC Series.  It guarantees at least a 4:1 data storage efficiency relative to usable capacity by leveraging each All Flash array’s specific data reduction capabilities including Data compression, Deduplication, Thin provisioning, & Snapshots.  And while knowing the data type up front helps in sizing the array, no upfront assessments are required.  If using the combination of these available features on your storage array does not deliver at least a 4 to 1 space savings, Dell EMC will make it right – it’s as simple as that.

There are some data restrictions that apply because they are known to not be dedupe or compression friendly, such as apps that are pre-compressed or pre-encrypted.  It also requires snapshots to be used with a minimum of number of snaps, with recommended scheduling & retention.  To learn more, click here to contact your local Dell EMC representative.

Other requirements include support for “dial-home” to allow the array to be monitored remotely with a time coverage limit of 180 days from delivery of the Flash Array. Users are responsibility for tracking their level of efficiency and can easily do so using the arrays space efficiency reporting tools.

Under the Covers in Getting 4 to 1 with VMAX All Flash

Dell_EMC_VMAX_250F_Nodes_FR_sm_lights.jpgLet’s take a quick look at how VMAX delivers 4 to 1 efficiency.  It uses an innovative combination of space efficient technologies to reduce the amount of physical capacity required to store an application. And over the last year since the new systems have been shipped, the combination of these features have constantly delivered 4 to one or higher space efficiency over traditional storage arrays.

The highlights include:

  • In line hardware based compression reduces the amount of space needed to store an application. It delivers performance and space efficiency. Two great capabilities that go great together.
  • Snapshot provides a space efficient, highly performant copy technology. It provides single instance type sharing of tracks that are shared between snapshots even after their relationships are broken.
  • Thin Provisioning presents storage to an app but is smart enough to only allocate storage space when an app writes data. It avoids tying up capacity for apps that do not require all of the presented space until data is actually written.
  • Zero Block Reclaim looks for a series of zeros to the storage. If zeros are written, space is allocated, but no data is actually written. Reclaiming this “white” space means the capacity can be used for real data and provides better utilization.

storage-chartXpect More…And now Less!!

The Space Efficiency Guarantee program adds another powerful business benefit to Dell EMC All Flash users.  It expands on the wildly popular and success “Xpect More” program that has redefined the storage lifecycle and TCO by providing unparalleled service and support guarantees when using Dell EMC All-Flash Arrays. They combine to provide lifetime maintenance price protection, 3-Year money back warranty, lifetime Flash endurance protection, and now a 4 to 1 space efficiency guarantee.

All great guarantees that if Ben Franklin was in IT, even he would find them hard not to love.


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