Meet The Cool People Who Build Cool Things

Ever wonder what a day in the life looks like for some of the people behind developing and delivering the most trusted storage infrastructure powering many of the world’s most mission critical applications?  What’s surprising is that while they all manage large engineering teams, they are all still very involved with the technology and continue to build very cool things (literally).

engineering imageAt this year’s Dell EMC World, we got a chance to sit down Steve Ives, Adnan Sahin, and Rick Difabio from VMAX Engineering for a behind the scenes look at what’s going on.  We looked at some of the hot topics from this years conference, including new security features such as secure snaps, and external encryption key management.  We also talked about new management tools, including REST APIs, and where users are heading in the future, with more automation across the life cycle of the platform – from sizing, installing, administrating, and migrating.

We also look at Flash technology today and what users are seeing. We also take out the engineering crystal ball to get an inside take on some of the new cool emerging technologies such as NVMe and Storage Class Memory technologies.  We look at not only why they are cool and exciting for the storage folks, but more importantly why they are important.

You can check out the discussion here.

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