Dell EMC World: It’s About Our Customers!

We are just wrapping up Dell EMC World 2017. With over 13,500 attendees, it’s the 15th year of what many consider to be the premier user conference for all things related to Information Infrastructure. What’s new and exciting about this year conference is it’s the first one since the Dell EMC merger, so we’ve expanded the our capabilities of cool things.  What’s the same and exciting is the conference remains squarely focused on customers.


The conference has always been a great way for users to connect with engineers, product managers, and executive teams to learn more about Dell EMC technologies and strategy. It also provides a great way to get direct feedback on how customers consume and use these technologies, including what’s working and where are their opportunities to help even more. These discussion prove to be invaluable and greatly influence product direction and road map priorities.

During this year’s event, we had the opportunity to sit down with some our key customers to talk shop about their environments and what they are doing to deliver more value to their businesses.  No surprise, from a storage perspective, All Flash was top of mind and becoming the media of choice for not just performance needs, but for all primary storage going forward.

In this discussion, we hear from users on how new VMAX All Flash arrays are being deployed in their environments and the key benefits the technology is delivering.  We also get some additional insight into why users attend Dell EMC World, the value they get from the conference, and some of the ways users can  participate in the conference.

You can check it all out here.

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