The Inside Scoop from the Engineers who Built PowerMax

One of the big launches at Dell Technologies World was the introduction of PowerMax. Included with the new platform was a ton of innovation across the hardware, software, and data services. Here’s a chance to hear from the experts who built the PowerMax to get the inside scoop on all the new coolness.

DellEMC_PowerMax8000_les_Rack_Glamour_Bottom_Front_UC322PowerMax is no ordinary All Flash Array.  Here’s a few highlights of why it sets a new standard in storage.

It’s wicked smaht!  Over 6 BILLION decisions a day are made using advanced machine learning and predictive analytics. This means managing and optimizing tens of thousands of applications is fully automated and super simple.

It’s built for NVMe! A significant amount of engineering work went into being the first and only storage array with industry standard dual ported NVMe drives. This unlocks the performance of the system to reduce latency to microseconds and drive IOPS’s to massive levels.

New “ease of” that redefines “ease of”! If you’ve used Symmetrix in the past, the good news is you don’t have to learn anything new. The bad news is you have to unlearn what you knew. It’s because the management and administration of PowerMax is nothing like the past.  The new Unisphere 9.0 for VMAX and PowerMax resets the bar.

New Data Reduction with no compromise! Inline dedupe and compression provides space efficiency and high performance with no compromises to the systems functionality or data services.  It allows you to store more efficiently…with a little magic.

Its’ future proof! The flexible architecture allows users to leverage new technology such as Storage Class Memory media and NVMe over firbe channel. This allows you to extend the life of the array and protection your storage investment.

Check it out!!



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