Meet the PowerUsers of PowerMax

Here’s your chance to hear directly from users about PowerMax. In this panel discussion, we talk to folks who have “hands on” early access to the new platforms and software. We get the inside scoop about their experiences. We also get their thoughts on new technologies like NVMe and Storage Class Memory.

We find out a lot of cool things, like:

PowerMax is not just your typical high performance all flash array. It’s FAST. Not just “light speed” FAST, but more like “ludicrous speed” FAST. The (first and only array) to support dual ported NVMe drives provides a new level of IOPS and low latency for performance hungry apps. The unique architecture includes a future proof way to take advantage of high performance SCM drives when the become available.

PowerMax (and VMAX) is super easy to manage with the new Unisphere 9.0 release. And new support for CloudIQ provides a simple global dashboard to help the non-geeks get the reporting data they need (and it’s got a mobile app!). New data reduction with inline compression and dedupe provides amazing space efficiency with no compromises in data services or performance.

PowerMax is #WickedSmaht. The use of built in machine learning and predictive analytics help service providers meet a wide range of use cases. From secure and resilient single tenant deployments to massive multi tenant workload consolidation and automation. All without the worries of having to deal with noisy neighbors.

And finally, we get into the fact that even though PowerMax looks really cool in the data center, it’s important to keep in mind it does other things.

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