CORE LDP Class Of 2014 Moving On To Third and Final Rotation!

team white water raft.jpgIt’s been almost 2 years since we kicked off our Leadership Development Program.  For those not familiar with the program, every year we bring in a group of passionate, ambitious recent college graduates and have them rotate within different areas of the Core Technology Division. Each team member participates in 3 rotations for 9 months each. The goal is to accelerate their development by providing an opportunity to experience different parts of the organization. We started in 2014 with our first class, grew in 2015 with our second class, and are in the process of building out next year’s 2016 class.

The team members individual backgrounds are varied and include computer science and information systems degrees and previous internships with either EMC or other IT companies. Regardless of their specific background, all of them are ambitious and have a desire to become future leaders in the technology industry.  They learn quickly, make a huge impact, and then spread what they’ve learned to other parts of the company. Just ask around, this is some of the best talent in the company.

I recently sat down with Massarrah Tannous to discuss what’s she’s been working on, and what her goals are for her final rotation.  Pretty cool stuff, you can check it out here.

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